Saturday, May 19, 2007

Relationship with God

“It is for this one reason – dynamic relationship – that the human species was created. We were designed by God for God. God created us out of the love relationship of the divine, and Adam and Eve were the offspring of that love. God created Adam and Eve so that there could be a relationship on Earth between humans and God like that in the heavens among the Godhead itself. If heaven is defined as union with God, then eternity is a relationship Eden.
Sin is not primarily rebellion against God’s laws or an assault on moral principles. Sin is an offense because it violates our relationship with God….God wants our obedience in the context of a relationship – which far exceeds unthinking obedience played out in a vacuum. God wants our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our souls. God wants our love.
God created us for two-way conversations – for full-blown, no-holds-barred conversations. God wants us to be fully engaged in the exchange.”

Leonard Sweet
Out of the Question…Into the Mystery
Waterbrook, 2004
pg 54

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